Software Tools & Techniques Lab (UCSD CSE15L)

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Material and Schedule

Course Calendar

This calendar shows rooms for scheduled in-person lecture and lab meetings.

Frequently Asked Questions

For now, this page is a placeholder and holds frequently asked questions about the course. This site will switch to containing the official course website and syllabus at the start of winter quarter (September 19, 2022).

Q: Will the course have remote options?

No. Plan to attend all lecture and lab sessions in person. Participation policies will take into account that not all students can make it all the time, but we will not have remote equivalents for completing lab and lecture.

Q: Is participation required?

Yes. A final policy will be posted by the start of the quarter with details, but you should plan to attend both lecture and your assigned lab section every week.

Q: What about week 0 and Thanksgiving week?

There will be no official lab sessions in week 0 (because it would only be the Thursday lab sessions) and no lab on November 23/24. All students will have a shorter asynchronous activity in those times – in week 0 it will be about getting set up and in Thanksgiving week it will be about relevant material at that point in the course.

In-person activities for the course will start as usual in week 1 (September 26).

Lecture on Wednesday, November 23 will be remote and asynchronous. There will still be lecture content with associated *participation, but you can do it any time on the 23rd.

Q: I have a question about enrollment or the waitlist.

At this point, the waitlist is processed in first-come, first-serve order – for each student in the class that drops, a student on the waitlist joins. To get a spot in the class you should attend lecture and lab and do all the usual course activities. Check the web registration across all the sections; the course has 10 separate lab sections, and their enrollments and waitlists fluctuate. Contact CSE Advising for more information on enrollment and waitlist processes.

Q: How should I prepare for the course?

Review Java (for example, CSE11). Get enough sleep and set up your schedule so you can make the class and lab times. Bookmark this web site!